[s-cars] Worthy projects (was Alum..was UrS $)

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We're talking "fun ROI" here...
I bought my piggy for about $8000.
First, I added some suspension bits... a simple Koni/Eibach combo.  We could *say* that cost me about $650, even though my Konis came out of my 91 200 20v and were "fully depreciated" but still worked great.  I then added the HRSB for about $600... and an S6+ front bar for about $250.
Brakes... Big Reds, RS2 brackets, and 323x30 euro rotors... another 200 20v fully depreciated package, but we'll say $900.
Engine... we'll skip the intermediate RS2 package, as that stuff was purchased, used, and subsequently sold at a profit.  The 400+ project... engine was pulled and honed.  The head went out for a simple valve job and new guides.  The head service was about $400.  To rebuild the block (all parts and the hone) was about $700.  The header was $700.  The GT30R was $1100 from TEC.  Con rods... $900.  Then I spent about $500 for 2 mufflers, a resonator, and some tubing to make the downpipe and exhaust.
Software, etc...  it's good to have good friends.  Beyond buying the VMAP ($300, I think), all else was more or less free.  Injectors... another $400.
Drivetrain... RS2 (CRB) transmission, $3000.  Lightweight flywheel, $700.  Spec 3+ clutch, $700.
FMIC setup using ebay components... about $400.
We've got a grand total of about $20,200.  Now, if you go back through that list and identify the items that I couldn't use on a subsequent Audi project... the list becomes very short.  Brakes... turbo... header... con rods...  software/injectors... RS2 trans... flywheel... FMIC... all usable on other projects at some point.  When I'm done with piggy, she'll go to the scrap heap.
A V70R... no thanks.  Besides, you couldn't have purchased a V70R for anywhere near this dollar figure 3 or 4 years ago when my relationship with MP began.  Also, I'll take big and beautiful over the looks offered up by the V70R any day.
Again... I've owned A LOT of cars in my life.  I have never owned one of them for more than 100k miles.  It really comes down to personal preference.  But for my money, MP with a few mods is hard to beat.  Keep in mind that I'm not buzzing around the Chicagoland area.  If I were, there'd be no hot-rod MP in my life.  I'm driving the West.  Over the past few years, that has meant traveling to work in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Montana/Wyoming, California, and all points in between... in good weather and in deep snow.  Wide open roads, moderate radius turns, and HOURS of triple digit speeds (not just a burst between toll booths) is what MP has been about for me.  Stage 1, BTDT... RS2, same story.  No, I didn't get 90% of the enjoyment that I have with my current setup.
The fact that piggy will pull me swiftly to any speed up to 7k rpm (about 175mph) makes her VERY fun.  The fact that she will do this with class (stable handling, nice ride) makes her fun.  The fact that I and many gas station onlookers appreciate her good looks... makes her fun.
This topic is really no different than the stick/slushbox discussion.  I'm a stick guy.  Spend 100 hours and 100,000 words of text trying to convince me otherwise, and I'm still going to be a stick guy.  I like shifting gears, and I DON'T like fixing automatic transmissions (or paying to have them fixed).
To me, the UrS has been an awesome car... and she still isn't in danger of loosing her spot in the garage.  She has been a great and reliable traveling companion.  I have 2 UrQ's, the A4 1.8t, and the 200 20v.  If I have to get in a car to cover 1000 miles, MP would still be my first choice... hands down.
90% of the time I get into a car, I'm paid 40.5 - 48.5 cents per mile to drive that car.  MP has cost me a few bucks, but I've been "paid" just shy of $40k for the effort.  MP has been a fun 20vt development project... for free.  Learning what I've learned, it won't be long before I get to plug a similar engine into an UrQ... and that will be fun too.
And with no disrespect... that's MY .02  ;)
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A fine road machine for carrying 4 people, no question, a 98S4 will too, without the massive investment to get her there.  And she's no track star either.  Dave, not at all discounting the fact that miss piggy can be a great date, but there's more and more choices.  A v70R with a chip will put down 400hp with a 6speed and big brakes, and (optional sport leather pkg) with an interior audi would envy.
I enjoy a spirited ride in Miss Piggy.  But my point remains, drive a stage 1 chip with all the other toys (big brakes, suspension, exhaust, and wheels/tires) IMO, she's better than dropping the big money into the engine, turbos etc, because you got 90% of what makes her attractive.  I'd encourage anyone to do the comparo back to back.
Hap, it's pounds per HP.  I've driven full coil over monster S cars at the track many times.  She doesn't dance.  Put enough steroids in her, she can catch a lot of machines from turn to turn.  If that's enjoyment, fine.  I look at a triangulated front swaybar and think there's going to be a lot of compromise in design to overcome.  And, as a seasoned motorsports driver, the squirt turn to turn confuses me as to the purpose frankly.
The bottom line gents is that there are a lot of compromises to MP, that really opens up a lot of other more affairs of the heart in sheer performance roi, and allow you to keep your miss piggy for days a fine quattro is required for travel.
My .02
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That being said... I think MP's lovers just need to now what she's good at.  She ain't no track star.  But spend 10 or 12 hours with her some day... running open roads with moderate bends... and she'll show you a really good time.

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