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Ah... and that about sums it up.  There is nothing rational about it, really.  If I wanted the lowest cost per mile, I'd buy a Honda.  If I wanted a track car, I'd build one.  With my type of use, MP fits the bill very well.  And you're right Scott... if I had to pay someone to do my work, I'd look at it differently.
Hap... yeah, there may be a second home in his (or Mr Jones') garage.  But so what?  It's the enthusiasm and the exploration of new territory that makes it interesting to the onlookers.  It's his hobby, and it's mine too.  We always have something to chat about.  Ironically, we both ended up with 1.8t's at almost exactly the same time... and that was not planned.  We'll have a good time playing with those as well.
I own a 2 wheeled vehicle that keeps me in touch with "real" performance as well.  'Course, I'd argue that your beloved Yamaha FJ is the 2 wheeled world's version of an MP.  Big power, but a portly package by today's standards.  Doesn't mean you like it any less... and I know why.  But at the same time, I'll blow your air-cooled 1400cc foot pegs off with my lightly modded ZX-9.  Time and technology always takes its toll.
At the end of the day, we choose our steeds based on our own unique set of requirements.  We're all different, so I'd expect our choice of cars to be slightly different as well.
The UrS is twilighting... and rapidly approaching the end of its days for most folks.  Fun part is, is that there has been a lot of fun and a lot of learning along the way.  Not to mention a new group of virtual friends.  After all, the community has been a good bit of the attraction for me.
Being a car geek and not having anyone to share the fun with, is a bit like a Pizzo prom date.  It *may* have happened, but would you want to do it twice?
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I love watching the progression of the passion to rational thought too.  
My .02
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