[s-cars] Worthy projects (was Alum..was UrS $)

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Mon Apr 23 09:43:05 EDT 2007

Scotty's back with a vengeance:

<<<Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 18:29:24 EDT
From: QSHIPQ at aol.com
Subject: Re: [s-cars] Worthy projects (was Alum..was UrS $)
I too love watching the insanity of it all, but I do admit I miss Rod's

tweeking of the "Hapersize" ascription.  Miss Piggy needs a diet.  I'm
not sure 
if anyone remembers, but Tap had built a couple of urs4 race cars, one
which I got to do a couple runs in.  After taking them up to Mid OH for
a show 
and tell quattro club event, the whole project was pretty much scrapped
lack of interest.  What does this mean?  Miss Piggy on a diet is  not an

attractive date.  After a ride in her anorexic state, I must  agree.
So, for those who choose to doll her up, the only real choice is a lot
makeup sex.  Unfortunately, that makes her an expensive fat date on
heels,  as 
I'm sure Mssrs Pederson and McGuire can attest.  >>>


I'm still sitting here *loving* Scott "out of der closet" at the mere
mention of "Scirocco!" and full of recent inspired prose.  Someone else
chime Scirocco again when he ostrich's once more, yes?

Keep up the good work Scott...  great reads.  Good to have you "back".
Don't go and ostrich on us again now 8-).  You even managed to "out" a
recently more quiet Hap.  Rod next maybe???  Heh heh...

-Paul he said Jerhova!  Stone him! K.

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