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Matt wondered:

<<<Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 07:17:06 -0600
From: Matt Russell <skippertgore at msn.com>
Subject: Re: [s-cars] Mmmm, shifty business...

Nice discussion, guys...  *raises glass*...

Now, how about a few more data points for those of us with 3 year olds 
who don't have time for test rides... ;-)

03 S6 avant... poor driver with the slushbox?  (Probably heavy, is my 
guess, going back to your points, Scott.)

how about the new A3/S3? isn't that available with the same DSG the R32 

.. Although depreciation hasn't brought either of these to an 
affordable level yet (S6 is close), i'm filing away for future 

Course the other thing I'm considering is a 1.8t A4 avant for the wife, 
as I've seen them for way less than 10 grand.

For me, I'll continue to fix the urS4, and probably "settle" with a new 
FJ1300R  in another year or 2.

-Matt, CO
92 s4
83 Seca 900>>>

Hey Matt!

Whattaya mean "those with 3 yr. olds and no time for test rides"????
Try 4+, 2+, and 2+!?  8-)  It's called - don't sleep much.  D'oh.

Anywho, an '02 //S6 Avant made its way through these here parts a few
months ago before it was picked up by a lister in CA and driven home
(awesome!).  I put a few good miles on it before she left and
*thoroughly* enjoyed it (no worries Chris - nothing JNR worthy, no farm
animals were involved, etc.).  I was quite surprised really.  It felt
like a slightly more agile version of me //S8.  It's slightly less
powerful (something like 340h vs. 360h) and slightly heavier (something
like 4,200lb vs. 4065) IIRC, but it felt pretty much the same overall -
dimensions aside.  THAT was very notable.  It felt tiny compared to a

Does the autobox render it a poor driver?  No.  It's got the Sport mode
shifter which is a very dynamic program.  It's pretty effective, well,
as well as it can be for what it is.  See prior discussions regarding
"adapting" your driving style and acclimation period.

Will it convert a "stick only" die hard kinda guy?  No.  

Me, I kinda sorta came to the surprisingly rational conclusion that I
was alienating myself from a ton of fine iron if I relied upon the
stick-only edict.  There's a lot of fun to be had out there, just need
to cross "that" bridge.  I still am a stick-only kinda guy at heart, now
just realize that it's better to lower my standard and try and auto if
the rest of the car is compelling enough to do so.  The S6A IMO is, as
are others.

I think part of my stick-only mantra was deeply Freudianly based within
some odd need to prove something to myself.  Well, I've proved it, BTDT
with sillysticks doing sillythings, and now have opened my mind up to
enough to be able to try something else.  It's unfort. not so easy for
others to do the same.  Maybe they subconsciously have something to
prove?  Paging Dr. Freud.  OK, that's harsh, and I do understand the
stick-only phenomena.  Just think denying oneself ownership of so many
fine things out there due to lack of said stick is foolhardy.  Esp. when
you have a TR3 waiting to commute in heh heh.

Get on out there when The Boy is sleeping and whomp on some stuff
already now would ya????  8-).  Methinks you'll dig the S6A - chictronic
be damned.  And they are becoming affordable finally.

HTH, oSaSaT, I think.

-Paul hey whattdoIknow K.

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