[s-cars] Worthy projects (was Alum..was UrS $)

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I don't think open minds are the issue here - everyone knows there are great 
cars being built right now, and everyone knows what they are: M5s, RX8s, 
996s, etc....we're enthusiasts!  You can feel you're done and movin' on, and 
that's great - go build something fun, but there are those of us who will 
continue to get a kick out of running fast in something that's just doesn't 
look fast.  There are many forms of JNR - not all are the searing 
hot-ohmygodwe'regonnadie unadulterated speed JNR, this is more of the 
whatsupwidat why is this happening JNR.  I don't need to have little kids 
point at my car and gawk.  I like it when things are not as they appear.  MP 
is user-friendly performance in a stealthy package, the Avant even better. 
It's weird, it's geeky, and it's stupid, but I think it's cool.  I don't 
look down my nose at ricers and kids who slam their cars any stick sewer 
pipes out the back - I think that's its own kind of cool too, but I don't 
want to do it.  And when I want to go really scary-fast I jump in my shifter 

If you get any closer to the mainstream you're gonna have to lose that 
"Q-ship" moniker - it ain't a Q-ship if everyone expects it to go like hell.


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> Paulie:
> One of the few reasons I stayed subscribed all these years was to read 
> your
> comparos and great stories.  Which brings me full circle to the point of
> agitating some of the bees in/under various bonnets here...  As we watch 
> miss
> piggy age, she's getting old.  She's still a great romp, and also a  great
> comparo to some of the responses to the previous self constructed S car 
> desires.
> To wit, I drove a stock and a tweeked S60R in the last couple months. 
> 300hp
> out of the box, 2.5.liter motor, 4 piston brakes front and rear, phenom
> handling, and with the decked out leather and carbon fiber interior, just 
> awesome
> cockpit.  A great qship for sure, and a real looker, and that GPS  rising
> from the dash:  Priceless
> Mike P has already moved to other toys, RX8 (er, not pretty trying to get
> out of the steamboat lot tho mikey), Cayenne...  Paulie jumping to the S8,
> Pizzo, well ok best stop....
> What I see this list evolving to as miss piggy loses her attraction, is 
> some
> of the more seasoned tweeksters putting up the stories of 'other rides',
> compare them to the S if that is needed to stay on topic.  Frank A used to 
> do it
> here, and Paulie, I still await your next adventure in automotive deviant
> behavior.  Don't ignore the M5, or the S60R or the neu v8 series S cars,
> compare them to a known entity.  It doesn't at all diminish the mistress 
> in  the
> garage, it can actually make her easier to justify a great romp in/on.
> So Hap, Mike, Dawson et. al....  I encourage you to open up the mind  to
> accepting the reality that the days of Miss Piggy have given way to some 
> fine
> machines that may or may not have rings attached.  My latest flogging of a 
> 951
> reaffirmed my belief that the fun of quattro mistress is, the ability to
> critically compare all high perfomance machines at a much more educated 
> level.
> Why?  Because miss piggy all dolled up raises the bar high  enough to be 
> really
> good at telling stories about what lies on the other side of  the pen.
> No need to justify the dump of a college fund into Miss Piggy, IMO.   I've
> seen for years, still do.  Riding her hard, doesn't at all mean  it needs 
> to be
> at the expense of a lot of good dancers on the floor around  you.  Those 
> are
> the stories I want to hear.  And I'll be the first to  thank Paulie for 
> the
> laughs in the process...
> Just my .02
> Scott J
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> BwHA!
> I'm still sitting  here *loving* Scott "out of der closet" at the mere
> mention of "Scirocco!" and  full of recent inspired prose.  Someone else 
> chime
> Scirocco again when he  ostrich's once more, yes?
> Keep up the good work Scott…  great  reads.  Good to have you "back". 
> Don't
> go and ostrich on us again  now 8-).  You even managed to "out" a recently
> more quiet Hap.  Rod  next maybe???  Heh heh...
> -Paul he said  Jerhova!  Stone him! K.
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