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Mon Apr 23 11:50:46 EDT 2007

Another one?  "Mainstream"?!  That's as good as Elijah's!   You miss the 
point, and haven't been for a ride in any of my projects kind  sir.  I would think 
that just my deviant behavior in organizing Steamboat  every year would give 
me a lifetime copyright to "qship".  And sneaking in  a LT1Q MP/MP wagon 
chasing supercharged Landcruiser to the party 2 years ago  sure kept me out of the 
You didn't ride with me on my 951 excursion last week, or my group a S2  "odo 
checks", or my RS6 test drives, or the stunt driver for Apikols cover shots  
of the 90 at steamboat this year (chad did).  Then again, you also  didn't see 
the type 44 Steamboat car I built that 'looked'  mainstream.  
These ascriptions are all keepers.  I assure you, your and  Elijah's 
ascriptions couldn't be further from the reality of my style,  constructs, design, or 
driving styles.  Please don't mistake my mission of  looking for the stories, 
with a desire to see less craziness.  I've been  living that longer than this 
list has been around.
With all due respect, another coffee spitter.  I gotta stop wearing  these 
white quattro shirts....
Scott "mainstream" Justusson
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I don't  think open minds are the issue here - everyone knows there are great 
cars  being built right now, and everyone knows what they are: M5s, RX8s, 
996s,  etc....we're enthusiasts!  You can feel you're done and movin' on, and 
that's great - go build something fun, but there are those of us who will  
continue to get a kick out of running fast in something that's just  doesn't 
look fast.  There are many forms of JNR - not all are the  searing 
hot-ohmygodwe'regonnadie unadulterated speed JNR, this is more of  the 
whatsupwidat why is this happening JNR.  I don't need to have  little kids 
point at my car and gawk.  I like it when things are not  as they appear.  MP 
is user-friendly performance in a stealthy  package, the Avant even better. 
It's weird, it's geeky, and it's stupid,  but I think it's cool.  I don't 
look down my nose at ricers and kids  who slam their cars any stick sewer 
pipes out the back - I think that's  its own kind of cool too, but I don't 
want to do it.  And when I want  to go really scary-fast I jump in my shifter 

If you get any  closer to the mainstream you're gonna have to lose that 
"Q-ship" moniker -  it ain't a Q-ship if everyone expects it to go like  hell.



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