[s-cars] Worthy projects (was Alum..was UrS $)

Steve Powers sbpowers at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 12:00:06 EDT 2007

Dave -

> I own a 2 wheeled vehicle that keeps me in touch with "real" performance as
> well.  'Course, I'd argue that your beloved Yamaha FJ is the 2 wheeled world's
> version of an MP.  Big power, but a portly package by today's standards.  Doesn't
> mean you like it any less... and I know why.  But at the same time, I'll blow your air-
> cooled 1400cc foot pegs off with my lightly modded ZX-9.  Time and technology
> always takes its toll.

give me an italian twin anyday. we've got two of them in the garage
plus an italian single (Husky).

(Audi content ahead) My friend and I smoked an S8 yesterday while out
riding our Aprilias...



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