[s-cars] Worthy projects (was Alum..was UrS $)

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Well, seems like the "Mutual Admiration Society" has come to order.  Kidding of course... but in essence, the fun of this list... and the reason *other* lists just look unacceptable.
MP's days *have* come and gone... by and large.  But I've got to say that she's ruined me, to an extent.  I used to lust after various cars, usually for their unique performance/looks/capabilities.  After MP, I find myself having trouble getting very fired up over many cars.  Twice in the past year I've flown to purchase a 930 turbo.  I've come home empty handed because they weren't as advertised.  Neither time did I feel much disappointment, except for the wasted time/money for travel.  Why???  Because I look at the overall package and inevitably end up thinking "hey... this thing is slow compared to MP."  And then you start to research what it would take to make the 930 fast, and you're talking cubic dollars... even for a DIY.
Granted, they are in a different handling league... but try and remember *my* requirements.  I don't spend time at the track... and most of my driving is on open roads without tight corners.  And what will a wide-bodied Porsche do to my driving record... simply because it will catch John Law's eye?
So my mind wanders back to "what can I plug an AAN into?"  All 'cause of MP.
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Heh...  flattered Scott, I am.  Lord knows I do strive to put the //S in
//Silly!  Stuck around to read junk from 'lil 'ole me???  FOOL!  8-)
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