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Mon Apr 23 12:37:16 EDT 2007

Porsche power is cheap Dave, especially for a DIY.  Intercooler,  exhaust and 
turbo puts 450down at the wheels without even cracking the  case...  Many 
have found (fellow big dog I5 guy Hackl mit 911S and 911T,  former LT1Q owner 
Dupree mit C4, and a former big dog S customer of mine - 930T)  that the porsche 
stuff is cheap compared to the S car/audi performance  toys.  If you need help 
here, I'm sure a well placed dinner with Hackl will  get you more information 
that you care to know.
I honestly don't think many people "spend time at the track" Dave.  I  spend 
a lot of time talking people out of mods that are track only on their  daily 
driver.  It loses the appeal of what makes the quattro a great road  car, 
The biggest issue I see with MP?  She's just got too small a motor for  her 
heft.  Torque rules street car performance in my perspective.   Getting that 
eludes a 2.2 motor on the S (and I had some seat time in the green  garbage can 
when I saw her last).  It's possible with a full tilt big block  S car ala 
Hap.  But I see displacement as what makes the eye wander from  the S.  Drive 
that S60R Dave, put up a report.  I suspect the next one  down the pike will be 
watching what BMW does with that lovely dual turbo  I6.
I might poke a bit and say the 900R is of the same flavor.  Drive a  big 
block oversquare torque monster, where 85% of torque hits at 3000rpm and  goes to 
redline during a 10.05 quarter, you grit your teeth less doing what  comes 
naturally to some of the other toys on the pad....
All that said, it's been great watchin you and mike and Hap, do all this  
dolling up of miss piggy.  Doesn't change the reality, that you will be  moving 
on.  The only question I have, is how much have you been paying  attention to 
what's around you.  I look forward to the reads, rides,  stories, and continued 
arm twisting to get you to actually run steamboat.
In a message dated 4/23/2007 10:15:39 A.M. Central Standard Time, Djdawson2  

Well,  seems like the "Mutual Admiration Society" has come to order.  Kidding 
of  course... but in essence, the fun of this list... and the reason *other* 
lists  just look unacceptable.
MP's days *have* come and gone... by  and large.  But I've got to say that 
she's ruined me, to an extent.   I used to lust after various cars, usually for 
their unique  performance/looks/capabilities.  After MP, I find myself having 
trouble getting very fired up over many  cars.  Twice in the past year I've 
flown to purchase a 930 turbo.  I've come home empty handed because  they 
weren't as advertised.  Neither time did I feel much disappointment,  except for the 
wasted time/money for travel.  Why???  Because I look  at the overall package 
and inevitably end up thinking "hey... this thing is  slow compared to MP."  
And then you  start to research what it would take to make the 930 fast, and 
you're talking  cubic dollars... even for a DIY.
Granted, they are in a different handling league... but try and remember  
*my* requirements.  I don't spend time at the track... and most of my  driving is 
on open roads without tight corners.  And what will a  wide-bodied Porsche do 
to my driving record... simply because it will catch  John Law's eye?
So my mind wanders back to "what can I plug an AAN into?"  All 'cause of MP.


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