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I do that with my Saabaru in autocross, my stagger is about 4 psi, beyond
which the tail gets a bit too loose on turn exit in autocross. This is on
DOT-R rubber, stock alignment. FWIW, with the Saabaru, I run 38 front (lower
if the course is slick), 42 rear. Also, FWIW, it did work the other way when
I ran my A2 GTi in ES (quite a bit more successfully), front was still 38,
rear was 30.


On 4/23/07, colin cohen <ccohen5 at compuserve.com> wrote:
> Many thanks.  The pressure suggested seems high but 45 is the recommended
> hot pressure for Hoosiers so I can use that as a place to start.  I have a
> test session next month and will try it then.  Seems that understeer would
> be promoted by high pressure though as it reduces the whee/ground aspect
> whereas you want to increase this to reduce understeer.  Now if one left the
> fronts at say 30 and put 50 in the rear that would make more sense to me in
> promoting rotation?
> Common question I know but the Quattro piece sometimes makes it work the
> other way.
> Colin
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>   Colin -
>   Instructor claimed they kept adding pressure -- up to 50 lbs. (at the
> front, one would assume), until the understeer went away. I would imagine
> that is about the limit for the P Zero tires they were running. Of course,
> this was for a few laps of autocross, with cool off time in between. Don't
> think I'd go near that high for club racing, but you may want to experiment
> with some higher pressures. Good luck.
>   Bill
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>     Do you have any idea what the Audi Experience/Panoz guys did with the
> tire pressures that was son "radical".
>     I am part of the Istook racing team and we are running 2 TTs in SCCA
> T3 class and battling this issue.  There are very few mods allowed and
> anything we could do to rotate these cars would be great.  Currently we run
> about 30F and 28 rear.
>     Anyone you could put me in contact with would also be helpful.
>     Colin Cohen
>     A4 (formerly the factory race car in 1997 Grand Am)
>     TT (SCCA T3 Run Offs competitor)
>     A6 V8
>     SQ S/N 198
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