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IME with autox, if you need to run more than 42 in the front or rear, time  
to change something else.  On the TT I'd look at camber settings before I'd  
exceed 42.  The biggest problem IMO, is you lose a lot of the tire shape  when 
you exceed 42psi.  50psi is a lot of pressure for any DOT or non DOT  rubber.
My .02
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I do  that with my Saabaru in autocross, my stagger is about 4 psi, beyond
which  the tail gets a bit too loose on turn exit in autocross. This is on
DOT-R  rubber, stock alignment. FWIW, with the Saabaru, I run 38 front (lower
if  the course is slick), 42 rear. Also, FWIW, it did work the other way when
I  ran my A2 GTi in ES (quite a bit more successfully), front was still  38,
rear was 30.

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