[s-cars] Worthy projects (was Alum..was UrS $)

W.G. Giles sportquattros1 at mac.com
Mon Apr 23 23:12:45 EDT 2007

JR  I think you can not smell the sarcasm!  I also think that if the  
turning radius is the only thing that keeps you from owning a car you  
are very short sighted.  I have many miles in this car, Street,  
track, and auto x style tracks and did not feel the turning radius  
was bad.  I test cars and launch cars for a living and do know that  
there is more to driving then going fast,  I can find fault and good  
with any car out there I just chose to focus on the positive over the  
negative.  I am still convinced that it is the best modern  
interpretation  of the 92-95 S4-S6 out there.   I am sorry if I have  
ruffled any feather out there but it is how I feel.

On Apr 23, 2007, at 7:36 PM, JR wrote:

> I can't figure out how you can go so fast that you never have to  
> make u-turns.  That doesn't make sense.  Yeah suburbans turn  
> tighter than semis, but that doesn't mean suburbans have a good  
> turning radius does it?  By that rationale the S60R should come  
> with free suburban rental vouchers for life so when you get fed up  
> with it you can rent one to forget that your car can't turn around  
> any better than a 747.  U-turning is a fact of life sometimes.  He  
> cares about the turning radius because it's embarrassing to have to  
> hold up traffic to turn, backup, turn some more and then go or end  
> up driving on the curb during a u-turn.  He also has to be  
> selective about parking because the lousy turning radius makes it  
> hard to park.  This is a daily driver, not a track car.  Is it too  
> much to ask that the car be able to make a reasonable u-turn or  
> park normally?  He doesn't track the car, but if he did I'd have to  
> wonder how it would do around a hairpin turn.  It's that bad.   
> There's more to driving a car than mashing your right foot down.
> Don't take my word for it.  Google "s60r consumer reviews" or "s60r  
> turning radius" and see what other owners say.
> JR
> W.G. Giles wrote:
>> The Volvo S60R is a great car I know because I worked the US  
>> launch  back a few years ago and I would buy one to replace my S6  
>> if I had  to.  Who cares about the turning radius as you will be  
>> going to fast  to do a U turn anyway.  If you rent a suburban a  
>> couple of times a  year you will think the S60R has a great  
>> turning radius.  I am  working with BMW right now launching the  
>> new X5 (Great for a SAV),  and have driven the 335i  TT and it is  
>> very cool.  As time goes on it  will be a real good tuner, just  
>> not AWD yet.
>> W.G.
>> On Apr 23, 2007, at 2:20 PM, pkrasusky at ups.com wrote:
>>> Welllllllllllllll...  trying to think what I've got up me grubby   
>>> little
>>> sleeve here.  Likely the F430BF1 at some point as my (now  
>>> former)  client
>>> keeps threatening to let me at it.  Then the 997GT3RS come August.
>>> Otherwise, it's whatever spontaneously happens to erupt - never  
>>> know.
>>> Maybe a hybrid Camry, some Hyundai, Kia, Accord, Corolla - not.
>>> What is known is it'll be JNR - that much is a given.
>>> I do look forward to an S60R outing at some point.  Gots to happen.
>>> Glad you enjoy my dribble Scott!  I seem to be finding less and less
>>> time these days to have at it, but do what I can 8-).  I try to  
>>> break
>>> things up over @ AW D2 forum, but most goes right over basically
>>> everyone's heads there.  Nothing like you guys here certainly!
>>> Don't be a stranger around here now...
>>> -Paul
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>>> 	Keep it up Paulie!
>>> 	Do know too, that my S2 Rally driver really wants to put an S40
>>> rally car together.  I have contacted Haldex directly, and they can
>>> program that goofy hydraulic thing to be whatever we want.  It  
>>> can be
>>> done in any of them now, and I hear the new saab will have this   
>>> ability
>>> as well (thru Rod Haney no less!).  The days of torsen haven't been
>>> ditched either, Toyota has put a *locking* torsen in the center  
>>> of the
>>> 4runner for a couple years.  A much better approach IMO, than the  
>>> wide
>>> TBR Stasis offers.
>>> 	Don't let the NAC scare you off sire, sharing of the ride, in
>>> all those JNR (tm PK) terms, convey a sense of fun *and* a baseline
>>> understanding of performance that frankly, only masochistic flogs of
>>> Miss Piggy can deliver.
>>> 	I enyoy great stories and of great rides Paulie.  Sharing them
>>> is what it's all about IMO.  I thank you for your commitment in  
>>> doing
>>> so, and know from my 'Top Ten' (tm - SJ), that writing them takes  
>>> time
>>> and effort.  Worthy of read my friend, I hope you have started a   
>>> trend.
>>> Sticking around for you?  Ok I lied, but I promise to read your   
>>> next JNR
>>> column of insanity!
>>> 	SJ
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