[s-cars] Worthy projects (was Alum..was UrS $)

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Volvo problem #1 - All Wheel Drive system sucks compared to Audi's....I have
driven the V70R, in both it's current and predecessor version only available
with the slushbox...both AWDs were on par with the standard old mitsu
viscous coupling stuff....same cars I drove around during our December
snowstorms here in Denver because they were stuck.

Volvo problem #2 - the cars keep shrinking!  The V70R used to be very much
on par with a Urs6 avant...not anymore, now it's more like the B5 S4...not
quite that small but not much bigger.  I know, for some that may be
attractive as it improves the handling, but for those of us who like to
carry adult passengers in the back without them sucking knee all the way to
the destination it kind of stinks.

Volvo problem #3 - The dealerships, at least in Denver, make you think that
you are test driving a Lamborghini with the way they treat their beloved R
cars....I have come close to telling them "The damn thing costs less than a
Yukon, give me the keys snob boy; besides the thing isn't nearly as fast as
the cars I already own."

the Volvo R cars come close to doing all things "piglike," but still fall
short on the aforementioned points 1 & 2.  The Subaru B-specs come close as
well, but still fall short in AWD capability and interior fit and finish.


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Hey, I'm used to that, my GLH turbo couldn't turn a U'ey well, cost me a
ticket trying it in Chicago and a couple of autox trophies on courses  laid
by CRX CSP drivers.    A known problem with transverse motors  with monster
rubber on them.  I learned to use the handbrake better.   I might argue he
may be
just turning around to see where you went to?

I'd rather see a full test drive report.  Turning radius so  noted.



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Check  out the turning radius on the Volvo S60R. A friend of mine has one
and he  regrets buying it for this alone.  It's very annoying.  It's hard
to park in between two cars in a parking lot or ramp and forget about
making a u-turn on anything less than a 6 lane divided road without
using reverse. Even then it would be tight.  Even my battleship of a
URS4 can u-turn at most  intersections.


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