[s-cars] Worthy projects (was Alum..was UrS $)

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I was going to say the same thing regarding the motor - the Hurtz S80's
I've rented (and ohsowrongly JNR'd) had the I5T (light pressure tho) and
they sounded ohsofamiliar.  Didn't I hear the rumor that Audi sold that
motor concept to Volvo and that was (one) of the reasons Audi no longer
offers it?  I could be wrong.

I can picture the R with an exhaust - would sound TITS.  Tho I've always
given Volvo huge props for their dual spaghetti noodle exhaust, dig the
way it snakes around the rear subframe that you can see whilst driving
behind it.
Only feedback on them I have is my IT guy here (burgundy //SFest 951 mit
cups) tested one and was notably underwhelmed.  I was floored, esp.
considering his daily hoor is a base AUTO S60 NON turbo.  He was not
impressed and I cried BULLSHIT.  Still waiting to try it for meself to
render own opinion on the matter.

Great thing is they fall out of the SKY near as bad or worse sometimes
than Audi.  Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet...
-Paul grew up in Volvo's, like 7 of them K.
former '80 242GT that once was witnessed doing an on ramp inner front
wheel lift - loved them 1" IPD bars!


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	Is your friend's car bodykitted? My stock V70R has no problems
scraping unless you have a big dip and I go way too fast into the dip.
The "rubbing" you're talking about are the steering limiters- they're
there to help prevent actual rubbing. They're removable if you don't
mind risking rubbing. 
	Engine sounds like an Audi I-5, same warble, I'm confused.
Sounds just like an Audi when paired with a manual trans and aftermarket
exhaust- I came across a modded S60R while driving the V70R- when he
stomped on it, sounded like an S-car with Stromung. 
	On 4/23/07, JR <audiurs4 at mailforce.net> wrote: 

		It's all good.  I can over look little things, but that
would irritate
		the heck out of me every time I had to u-turn.
Personally if I'm going
		to spend that much on a car I'd want to be able to
u-turn and park 
		easily.  What is the reasoning behind making it that way
anyway?  It's
		not all bad though.  The car does haul when you get on
the gas.  I love
		the way the car looks too.  My friend's is the gray
exterior with the 
		orange baseball glove colored leather interior and blue
gauges.  It is
		gorgeous.  Nice polished rims and huge brake rotors
peeking through
		them.  Other than the turning radius it's also too low
for my taste.  He 
		can't go into any ANY parking lot or driveway without
scraping.  Also do
		your tires rub in the wheel wells when you turn the
wheel all the way
		right or left?  His does and the dealer told him it's
normal.  I 
		searched the web and found one other account of the same
thing happening
		on a non modified S60R.  I find it hard to believe that
it was designed
		to do that.  My last gripe with the car is that the
engine note has no 
		soul.  I can live with that though.  :-P

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