[s-cars] Radio security code

Bill Noland wenoland at pacbell.net
Tue Apr 24 09:08:15 EDT 2007

The radio code is normally printed with the info at the top of service 
orders at the dealer. If you have any of the previous owner's service 
records, or if you have had the car at the stealer for any work, check 
there. The info is printed there, so the mechanic has it handy, if needed. 
If nothing else, have the dealer do an oil change, air filter change or 
whatever -- better than paying to get the code.

Bill N

I pulled my radio after it went to SAFE mode to get the serial number so I 
could get the security code number. My local Audi shop tells me they can not 
access the code without "plugging the car in" - thus requiring a service 
appointment. The previous owner lost the code. This should not be this hard! 
I thought all I needed was the SN from the radio. How do I get the code?

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