[s-cars] Worthy projects (was Alum..was UrS $)

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Sounds like fun.  Perhaps it is a part that I should simply replace to avoid the situation altogether.  At 240k miles, it might be a wise preventive measure.
My 200 20v (known as SB2) that was loaned to Justin Riley for SB this year, exhibits funny behavior somewhat like you describe.  The car starts instantly when cold.  However, if it is hot, shut down and not restarted for more than 20-30 minutes, it is reluctant to restart... almost always requiring 3 or 4 tries.  Other than that, the engine exhibits no other odd behavior under any conditions.  It isn't bothersome enough that I've tried to isolate it... as it typically just sits at the Denver airport all week... taking me home on Fridays, and returning me on Sundays.
Anyway... maybe I'll buy a CPS... just to be safe.  That'll be AFTER I figure out what malady struck the UrS before the onslaught of winter, and has kept it sitting in the garage ever since.
If it weren't for my Audis, I'd have to take up chess or something to keep my brain busy... right?
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It's the worst part from a diagnostic standpoint.  You really have to have all else diagnosed first.  When they just fail, it's a no start and code.  When they are going bad, you get everything from bad idle, to a stumble to hard starting.  Heat is a factor in which symptom you get.  I usually suspect them when I get a hard start complaint with no codes.  I keep a couple around that are known good, but just the "replace with known good", sucks up a lot of diagnostic time.  Really hard to justify charge for if it *wasn't* the problem too.
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In a nutshell... that CPS situation blows.  As many miles as I have, and as much as my UrS goes out in the sticks, it might be wise to buy one and carry it along... even if it's $300.

As much trouble as I had finding a set of 225/45/17 snow tires in Montana last year... I'd hate to have to find a CPS in a hurry.

Having no BTDT with that part, I may not even recognize the failure symptoms.


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