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You are right of course, running these types of pressures is obscene but the T3 rules allow no changes in suspension whatsoever other than shocks and this car was designed to be a pig on the track.  So it puts a premium on driving skill and I feel that tire pressures like this are so unusual because just because no one races pigs deliberately so putting a premium on the ability to tweak.  The RX8 guys are enjoying the spin off technologies from the Mazda pro drivers in the Grand Am and their cars keep getting faster.  AFAIK there is almost no one outside the UK that is racing the TT in 1.8 form under rules that allow for a downflow of useful data like this.  I consider DTM irrelevant to what I am doing.  There is one guy in the UK who races a modified 1.8T TT but he can do a lot more than we can including aerodynamics such as diffusers, coil overs, FMIC etc.  So these cars are pigs and all the issues that all you S-Car guys have with too much weight cannot easily be offset as you can by more HP.  We have tweaked the Haldex to give us a little more rear split and we run 17X7.5 in the rears and 18X8 wheels upfront.  Our spec weight is 3340 which we struggled to get to with the cage, cooling gear and the very heavy passenger seat.  We are allowed free rein with the chip software but there are limits as to what you can get from the stock turbo -I/C and though we often see 22 lbs or more when cold, it quickly falls to 18 lbs (nominal boost) mid race.

We also had cooling problems in all events last year. I asked about this on the Audiworld site and had no response nor was there anything significant in the archives.  So I either had to conclude that TT owners just do not drive their cars very hard being too cool for that - or there was something wrong coincidentally with both our 2003 cars.  We applied and got approval from SCCA to change to the 3.2 radiator as it has a larger capacity and so far this year, no sign of overheating.  And I am talking about real hot, one needle width from the H peg with the ECL flashing.

As others have noticed, if a turbo goes as happened last year, you have to remove the front RH suspension to take it out.  Not much you can do about that but having done it twice, once for real and once to look, we have discovered some short cuts that are not in the Bentley...and then there is the Bentley, which is vague and also contradictory.  Their standard has definitely gone down since the days of our large paper tomes.  It offers 2 different torque specs for the t/c mounting nuts and differs from the ETKA on whether the t/c has washers on its mounting bolts.

But its fun and the cool chicks dig the TT much more than any of the other cars...but then again there is only usually one cool chick at any SCCA race and she is married to me!!


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  IME with autox, if you need to run more than 42 in the front or rear, time to change something else.  On the TT I'd look at camber settings before I'd exceed 42.  The biggest problem IMO, is you lose a lot of the tire shape when you exceed 42psi.  50psi is a lot of pressure for any DOT or non DOT rubber.

  My .02

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    I do that with my Saabaru in autocross, my stagger is about 4 psi, beyond
    which the tail gets a bit too loose on turn exit in autocross. This is on
    DOT-R rubber, stock alignment. FWIW, with the Saabaru, I run 38 front (lower
    if the course is slick), 42 rear. Also, FWIW, it did work the other way when
    I ran my A2 GTi in ES (quite a bit more successfully), front was still 38,
    rear was 30.

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