[s-cars] Worthy projects (was Alum..was UrS $)

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In the VC Subarus that I have riden in you can really feel it "hunting
around" a lot more than the torsen and the response time is not nearly as
good since you have to build up speed rather than sensing torque.  I have
always wondered if the STI was better in this area (never driven/ridden in

Yeah, the V70R is a full 7 inches shorter than the UrS6 wagon and although
the interior specs seem awful close (I just looked them up to see if I was
remembering wrong after Scott seemed convinced they were bigger) the
interior still seems small to me....it seems like I am almost shoulder to
shoulder with the front passenger and I'm not that big :)

BTW, turning radius was 30% larger on the V70R vs. the UrS...that is an
awfully big difference.


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  How does the Subaru Legacy Spec B fall short in AWD capability?

  Maybe this is a difference between the VC cars and DCCD cars? My STi is
just fine in the snow- it's tail-happy as all heck, but it's fine in the
snow. I usually set DCCD to manual and 50/50 split, drives like an Audi. If
I leave it in Auto, it tends to be tail-happy, which is fun when you want to
play, but tiring when you want to just go somewhere w/o drama.

  You're right about the Volvos shrinking- the V70R is about a foot shorter
than a B5 Passat and a good foot or more shorter than my old 200 (although
that has the huge impact bumpers making it kind of long). That's why I'm
looking at MBZ wagons to replace the Volvo eventually.


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