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Torsen boy might remind you that the torsen is never in a steady 50/50  
natural state in a turn.  Regarding the application to the volvo Haldex,  it's a 
pretty easy mod to make haldex full time awd.  Much easier than a  Stasis Wide 
TBR mod actually, since it's just voltage applied to the CAN  bus.
The good thing about Gen 1 and Gen II quattros is that those customers will  
drive the demand for the car companies (not Haldex, they've been ready from 
day  one) to be more sophisticated in the awd concept, demanding full time vs  
couplers in such machines as the Volvos and the TT.  And Haldex has the  
advantage of no driveline TBR at all under braking.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a coupler guy in haldex or VC.  But  driving the 
auto manufacturers to add another differerential in the center of  the 
driveline, might just take some serious demand from those of us in the snow  belt.
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W.G. -  the AWD thing, in my opinion, is just simply the response time of  the
torsen and the 50/50 natural state of the drivetrain.  The problem  really is
that metro Denver has the worst damn roads I have ever driven on  when it
snows any appreciable amount...much worse than Minnesota,  for
instance...even worse than the mountain areas in Colorado.  This  really is
the only reason I ever switched from all rear wheel drive stuff  to start
with.  Kind of the sacrifice for living here I guess  :)

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