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We have the camber and toe set to the maximum which 1.5 deg negative on the former and 1 degree of toe out for the latter.  But I do agree that 42 starting pressure is too extreme although I regularly finish at 45 plus, which the Hoosier guys say is in the zone.  We have also tried using A6 on the front and R6 (harder compound) on the rears but corded the A6s in a single race.

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  IME with autox, if you need to run more than 42 in the front or rear, time to change something else.  On the TT I'd look at camber settings before I'd exceed 42.  The biggest problem IMO, is you lose a lot of the tire shape when you exceed 42psi.  50psi is a lot of pressure for any DOT or non DOT rubber.

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