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I think folks don't know how to drive and they put them off.  Look  Taka, the 
TT has been on the track in 370 hp form with haldex, and haldex  disengages 
the rear diff within 60th of a second when no wheel is slipping OR  the brakes 
are applied.  So, without overheating, a haldex engages and  disengages all 
the time.
Put a trans cooler in it, and be done.  I look at the haldex in stock  trim 
as a POS on the track, not sure it matters which chassis.  You left  foot brake 
a TT, the Drive ByWire goes dead and the haldex uncouples, and my  understand 
is that's not why the safety nazis put the rear spoiler on.
I read the volvo forums.  Other than full race, I see no reason  why a 
decouple of a Haldex that decouples all the time would cause some  sudden loss of 
control.  Me, I'd add a light that sits on the dash when the  Haldex decouples 
it lights up.
Even coupled the haldex in the volvo (IMO) is an understeering FWD kinda  
pig.  Other than full race 10/10ths I see no reason why this is  happening.  Crap 
think of the torsen, it shifts 50% of it's torque to the  front axle when the 
rear slips during a turn.  That sound like what the  haldex does here.  Hmm, 
thank goodness the torsen has spiders...   Pillow bite?
Askance in Chicago
Scott "torsen boy" Justusson
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Gauge  isn't going to help when the Haldex overheats and shuts down, though.

I  think the "lock" that Justy is talking about would be the solution, if  it
is implementable.

The P2 isn't the safest car out there- the B7  A4 and C6 A6 outscore the
Volvo S60/V70 in both front and side impact. Audi  makes the safest car out
there right now.

I know you're joking about  the safety thing- most Volvo drivers are
booooring. That's why Volvo  dropped the R models- no interest from potential
Volvo buyers. The people  buying the Rs are most likely converts from another
brand- Audi, VW, BMW,  Saab, etc.


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