[s-cars] Fuel pressure tester port on AAN

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Thu Apr 26 13:10:39 EDT 2007

It goes where the FPR is installed, but then you need somewhere to put
the FPR.  You have to put your own port in the system or install  
like ECS sells.

However, your s-bitch is being mischievous and playing tricks on  
you.  It
is not possible to have  a vapor lock with the pressure in the fuel  
system, and a faulty FPR or injector leak-down would show just as  
much on
a cold engine.  They could contribute and fuel pump is a possibility.

Check for engine fault codes and observe the MIL (check engine light)  
you have problems.  You are describing the classic CPS failure  
syndrome. It
must be starting to thaw a little north of the border as a little  
heat seems to
cause this intermittent failure that soon becomes total.


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> Hi,
> The S-Bitch has developed a annoying new behavior that looks like  
> vapor
> lock, FPR or injector leak: she doesn't want to start again after a  
> long
> stretch on the highway until you wait 15-30 min. depending the  
> temperature
> outside.
> I found a fuel pressure tester on the net but doen't know if it  
> will work on
> our fuel rail. It's said to have adapters for Chrisler, Ford, GM (who
> cares?) and Bosch AFC but not Bosch CIS. IIRC, the CIS is the  
> system used in
> the 80s on Audis, but what is the connection for the fuel pressure  
> test if
> any on the AAN?
> Vincent

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