[s-cars] Brake light stuck on

Robert Deis rdeis at io.com
Fri Apr 27 00:18:13 EDT 2007

Hi, All, my '95 S6 Avant's brake lights are stuck on.

I removed the pedal switch and checked it, two of the contacts are
conected when the switch is not depressed, and the other two are connected
when the switch is depressed.  Brake lights stay on either way.

I removed the big logic unit from the relay box under the hood, and the
center top light stays on while the side lights turn off.  When this box
was installed in a different '95 S6, the problem did not occur in the
other car. (I wasn't able to test the unit from the other car in my car.)

The dash parking brake indicator light is *not* stuck, only the outside
brake lights.

So it seems like the logic box, the pedal switch, and hte parking brake
lever switch are functioning- is there another culprit to test?

Robert Deis
1995 S6 Avant
rdeis at io.com
robert.f.deis at lmco.com

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