[s-cars] Are S4 and S6 fenders the same?

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Wed Aug 1 12:21:14 EDT 2007

On Aug 1, 2007, at 10:48 AM, Tom Saltino wrote:

> Hey Tom,
> How are things?  Long time huh? :-)
Yeah, old age isn't creeping up any more.  It's here.  :-)  Thanks  
for the link to your photos.  I'm sure new listers will enjoy them.
I'm sure PK and crew are wondering why you haven't answered your S// 
Fest evite  :-), and what it takes to get you out of your  
neighborhood.  Although, they might
have more fun on a North Georgia Mountain Run.  <http:// 
> The link below has a couple of pics of the S4 fender next to my  
> newly installed S6 hood and S4 headlights with S6 lenses, yes that  
> does work too.  The close-up of the headlight/blinker show you the  
> width of the blinker is greater than the headlight.  To answer the  
> question, yes you can bolt on a fender from an S6 on an S4 or vice  
> versa, but they are slightly different.  BTW, the wider S6 side  
> body trim requires two rows of clips, that would also cause problems.
> http://quattro.polter.net/day3/day3.htm

Great!  I wasn't sure you still had them available.  Maybe Chris will  
decide to build a hybrid for practical reasons.  The BTDT photos  
should make that as easy as
replacing the original stuff.
> I figured you could post this for me since I'm no longer a lister. :-)

I don't think there are any annual dues like the audi club to be  
called a lister - just some occasional news.  :-)

> Thanks,
> Tom

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