[s-cars] Oil Pressure

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Thu Aug 2 12:24:05 EDT 2007

The later cars don't even have an oil pressure gage, Floyd, so I  
wouldn't worry
much.  IIRC, the spec is 1.8 bar minimum at idle, and the oil  
pressure warning
  light is operated by a 1.2 bar switch.  Since the Corps generally  
likes hot and
swampy places I assume you are in a relatively warm place, and are  
using an
oil grade appropriate to the temperature (chart in owners manual).   
My own
recommendation is a synthetic 15-50 or 15-40, and will affect the oil  
readings.   I wouldn't use the 0-30 or 5-30 grades that are designed  
for newer
engines unless you get sent to Alaska this winter.

I can only wonder what grade oil was in the car if the oil gage  
didn't move.

I wouldn't recommend the quick-stop places for fluid changes.  They  
tend to
use machines that "clean" and re-use the coolant.  Audi recommends a
phosphate free, silicate free coolant, and there are so many  
different types out
there for specific vehicles, I just use the Audi or Pentosin brand  
German fluid.
Just don't mix different coolants even of the same brand.  The more  
German brands don't amount to much more expense if your system doesn't
leak and you keep a spare bottle available.

The all wheel drive has the front transmission-differential combined  
and a
separate rear differential that require different fluids.

If you can find the time to educate yourself on maintenance  
you could probably have the base hobby shop do some of these things with
some specific directions from you, or DIY.  There are some good  
things to
know before you put yourself at the mercy of a mechanic.

http://audifans.com/    (Knowledge Base and FAQ)  (Marketplace for  

http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/   ( has a great help section, sells  
parts online)


http://www.s-cars.org/postnuke/    (See the FAQ and downloads in site  
You don't have to download anything to just read the pdf articles)


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> Hello all,
> I've owned my 93 S4 for a couple of months now, and I just got my oil
> changed for the first time. Before the oil change, the oil pressure
> gauge never moved once the car was started. Now, it goes anywhere from
> 2 bar to 5 bar depending on engine speed. Which is correct? Should it
> move all the time, or not? TIA, I appreciate your help. I'm in the
> Marine Corps and at a time-consuming school right now, so I don't have
> much time for these things. Also, should I let any old oil changing
> place flush my radiator fluid, diff, etc? I'm pretty sure the previous
> owner hadn't done any of those in a while.
> Sgt Noel, USMC

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