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You may still be able to get R12 in small cans in Mexico as I did 
several years ago.  I bought 5 cans and a hose kit that appears to fit 
the Schrader type valve on the compressor.  I have never used the kit, 
but I know that this is a low pressure port for the system.

A friend just did a home refill on a 134a system in a Viper, that was 
completely empty.  It took 3 cans to get the duct temperature down to 40 
F.  So, I am guessing that the Audi could probably be refilled with 
around 3 cans of R12.

James C. Mairs wrote:

>Greetings Tom, 
>Excellent information, I have been following the AC threads for some time
>now, trying to determine if anyone actually has followed through with a
>recharge without going to the dealer.  Lots of information but not a lot of
>BTDT with answers...
>Appreciate the info, side note the charge in the system was working fine
>before I tore the entire front end out and apart for a head rebuild, coupled
>with a lot of while I am in there fixes and replacements.
>AC in the car was working before breaking open the system, however I wish I
>had gone through the diagnostics to see how well it was working (HVAC codes
>and such) before taking it apart.  Alas a compromised head was leading me to
>not wanting to run the car for long periods of time.
>AC system was sealed back up after replacement of the dryer and new Variable
>Orifice Valve.  All lines separated were put back with new seals, and of all
>the lines only 1 was I able to flush completely before reassembly, mostly
>due to being to far into the project to want to spend more time and money.
>The others were just disconnected and compressed air to blow out whatever
>black sludge wanted to go flying out from whatever end wasn't pointed
>Hope some other folks post up information if they have completed this as a
>DIY job.  Especially the fittings and procedure when not having the correct
>VAG tools...
>Thanks again Tom, if anyone else has any links or key words of wisdom to
>offer I am more than all ears.  Or if you happen to have any good archive
>thread searches I can use, mostly looking for BTDT's or things to watch out
>for, it would be appreciated.
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>Capacity is 21.2 to 23 oz refrigerant and 8.5 oz of Pag oil.  The
>high presssure port on the passenger side of the condenser is the only
>port used and evacuated and charged with engine off.  You can only
>measure the oil charge if you drain the oil (at the condenser) and
>change the accumulator since an unknown amount collects there.  The
>real trick is accurately measuring the refrigerant charge.
>If the system is in good condition with all fans and flaps working  
>correctly in
>recirculate mode, the result should be about 40 F duct temperature at
>95 F ambient.
>The system base pressure is 113.1 psi at 95 F (engine off) and 290 psi
>operating pressure with a full charge.
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>>Greetings all,
>>Bentley Manuals are in route via shipping, so I can not confirm the
>>following, or even if its listed.
>>Does anyone know the capacity/recharge pressure amount for a 93 //S4?
>>I have been following the threads here as much as possible on the  
>>whole AC
>>snow flake conversation, as well as a quick search in the archives.
>>I have a HVAC friend who is willing to run a vacuum test on my  
>>system before
>>recharging it.  He doesn't seem to think it will be an issue, but  
>>me I should confirm what amount of R134 should be in the system.
>>He has a large amount of fittings/adapters and such, its possible  
>>we may
>>even just plumb in a connector with a generic fitting to make this  
>>easier in
>>the future.  If/when I come up with a solution I will be sure to  
>>post up my
>>findings... However in the mean time sitting in 93 degree heat in a  
>>black on
>>black S4... I have to ask...
>>Anyone care to toss out a number?
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