[s-cars] Alternator Removal

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No, I'm not superfast in car repairs but I do not recall this as being  
greater than a 2 beer job and that's taking it out and putting it back in.   My car 
is a 95.5 S6 but I have no rusted or fouled fasteners.  As you  mentioned I 
do recall removing the intake hose but that's only 3 clamps and  possibly I 
moved the pump too.  I'd go look at it but the car is currently  having a nap in 
storage.  All in all this alternator removal was no where  near as nasty as in 
my old '80 Scirroco.
Best regards,
Mark near Chicago
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I certainly don't remember any 20 minute job,  but don't want to  
question your
abilities, Mark.  We are  talking about a URS4/6, aren't  we?   Even  
with  the
front end off, it was probably an added hour to r&r when changing  a  
timing belt,
and the serpentine belt was already off,  replacement alternator in hand.

Address your need for a radio code or  code holder, then disconnect  
The serpentine belt cover  comes off and tensioner locked open to start.
If you remove the belt mark  the direction if you plan to reuse it.

I seem to remember the hydraulic  pump pulley hides the lower bolt so you
need to remove it or loosen the  pump to access that bolt.  I found it  
easier to
just remove  the intake hose and move it out of the way to have room  
to  work
and then r&r the alternator when I made the swap with the front  end  
on.  Make
sure you use a good Allen wrench, 6mm IIRC,  and get it completely in the
socket and straight, as these are usually very  tight and easy to  
strip out.

This was on S6 cars, sorry I  didn't write it all up with photos.   YMMV


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