[s-cars] black seat dye

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Sun Aug 5 14:21:33 EDT 2007

The Calvary was probably the initial target customer for this as well  
as Kiwi
shoe polish, Chad, so I suspect Ft Carson would have a large  
supply.  :-)
But, Walmart or a shoe repair shop are good bets to have it in  
stock.  They
will also have a leather prep solution but that has to be used  
carefully or it
will remove the original leather dye.

The easy touch up as well as just remaining in better cosmetic condition
makes the black seats the envy of all other URS car owners.

The other color seats require a color match to do the smallest of  
touch up


> Jerry Scott wrote:
> I think that I originally got mine from either Safeway or King  
> Soopers.
> But in looking for it recently, I didn't see it on the shelf.  If you
> Google "Kiwi Leather Dye," you will see that you can order it from
> Walgreens.com for $3.49 a bottle plus shipping.  You also might try  
> one
> of their stores.
> Jerry
> Chad Clark wrote:
>> Jerry- thanks for the info. Where might one find this Kiwi "Leather
>> Dye" locally(I'm in Longmont, but willing to travel)
>> Thanks!
>> Chad Clark
>> '92 UrS
>> '01 A6 2.7t
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>> Subject: [s-cars] black seat dye
>>> I recently dyed my driver's seat bolsters where the black color  
>>> wears
>>> down to the bare leather.  I used liquid Kiwi "Leather Dye" in a  
>>> sponge
>>> bottle applicator that worked very well.  I cleaned the area  
>>> first with
>>> a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water and allowed several  
>>> hours
>>> for this to dry.  I also did the steering wheel and the shifter  
>>> boot.
>>> The color match results are amazing.  I did the steering wheel  
>>> about 2
>>> years ago and it has never crocked onto my hands or clothing.  It  
>>> did
>>> feel a little tacky for a while, but this soon went away after  
>>> usage.
>>> The seats look and feel quite normal.  I have tested both with a wet
>>> sponge and the dye does not crock onto the sponge.  Kiwi also  
>>> makes a
>>> product called "Scuff Cover," but I have not tried this one.  I  
>>> can only
>>> vouch for the "Leather Dye."  Be sure to rinse out the sponge  
>>> applicator
>>> with warm water after each use to keep it from drying out and  
>>> clogging.
>>> I allowed the dye to dry for 2 days before use, but one day is  
>>> probably
>>> enough.  Locations more humid than Denver might require more drying
>>> time.  I have no suggestions for seats that are other than black.
>>> Jerry

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