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Pasqualoni, James E james.pasqualoni at gs.com
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LOL.  Yeah, I noticed you were on your cell, but I wasn't gonna bust you
on the list...  ;-)  Nice car!!!  I used to have a 95.5 Avant.  Still
have a 200 20v Avant in addition to the 5k.
Where in NH are you?  I'm just up in Kittery.  


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	How 'bout that.  Yesterday I was on 95 South maybe near Hampton
or so, when I was approached by a car so RED it nearly blinded me thru
my side mirror from 5 car lengths behind.  It was the finest looking
5ktq I've seen in - well I don't remember.
	I was in the pearl '93 (lowered and Fuchs) driving an
unnaturally slow 70 MPH (my new boss was following me in a rental car).
	I was on my cell so maybe you don't think I noticed you - but oh
yeah I did.
	On 8/8/07, Pasqualoni, James E <james.pasqualoni at gs.com> wrote: 

		Whilst commuting into work yesterday in my 86 tornado
red 5kcstq, I
		happened across not one, but two pearl UrS cars on I95
south in New
		Hampshire.  Both were extremely clean cars.  The first
was lowered, had 
		nice aftermarket wheels-can't recall the state of reg.
The other had NH
		plates, was lowered and had oe Fuchs wheels.
		Any of yous guys?
		Feeling like half a man on 10 valves (but still passed
ya both), 
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