[s-cars] creaking noise

Aaron Ryba aaronryba at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 9 18:08:46 EDT 2007

Oh holy s-list;

Just had a 4 wheel alignment done after replacing 2 front tires and now there is a annoying creaking noise which comes from what sounds like the front right of the car. I just replaced the bearings so I know that is not the problem. I think it isn't the suspension, although it is old, needs repair and the rear does squeak. Noise doesn't happen necessarily  in tandem with suspension movement.

It happens intermittently while driving, doesn't seem to increase when going over moderate bumps, increases somewhat when taking slight left, decreases somewhat when taking slight right. Goes away when braking. Very noticeable when starting from a stop, especially when going uphill, sounds like there is some play in the subframe bushings and the front tires pulling at slow launch makes it more noticeable.

I definitely need to redo all suspension including bushings & other bits, just want to drive for a while without ruining the badly needed new front tires. The alignment was successful just wondered if in the process the subframe bushings were loosened or something else to create the problem.

It has been hot as hell here lately, 105 today! And my brakes did feel a bit funny when I picked up the car (actually seemed to be working better), also I do need to repair a slowly leaking J-hose. Is it possible my front right brake caliper or pad is sticking?

Anyone want to take a shot?

Aaron Ryba
95 S6

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