[s-cars] BIRA.ORG ?

Mark Pollan mark.pollan at verizonbusiness.com
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Hi Shawn:

I have a set of RS2 brackets that I purchased from Javad at 034.  I can mic
them unless you know what spacing they offer.  These have never been


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So I have these nice 996 turbo calipers, 993tt 322/32mm rotors  that I need 
hats and brackets for to fit my S6 . I was planing on getting this through 
BIRA.ORG (Stage 6), but I am not able to contact them (Greg and Greg) via
email addresses at Bira.org...
1) Does that mean that the Organization is no longer providing the services?

2) Does anyone have a set of Brackets that have 142mm spcing not the more 
standard 130mm??
3) Hats for the 993tt anyone.

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