[s-cars] Stuck closed T-stat?(x posted)

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Sun Aug 12 22:01:53 EDT 2007


Other alternatives could be a plugged rad core or a bad water pump. However,
your t-stat should not have been letting the engine heat up and then cool
off when the t-stat opens. A properly operating t-stat brings the engine up
to temperature and then holds it there - it doesn't overshoot. At least
that's the way the t-stats on all my Audis have worked. Sounds like your
t-stat is sticking.

Fred Munro
'97 S6

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Car just started running a little rough at idle after sitting at my
mechanics for 2 weeks without him getting around to checking out some things
(don't ask). Driving home, car is running very hot. I let it cool off, fill
with water. Drive some more and note that the temp gauge, which usually gets
to around 11 o'clock, then goes back towards 10wo'clock (opening of T stat)
doesn't occur. Gauge just keeps moving to the right and is running well
right of center.
Opening the hood after my drive, water is simply getting squeezed out past
the cap on the overflow reservior. I tried it with no cap when cold to let
the motor run in case there was a big air pocket, but very little water is
sucked down. Oil temp is normal. High speed fan is NOT coming on, but fan
runs with AC and runs on and off without AC (bad resister pack?) Driving on
the highway is no help, car remains very hot.
I sprayed the rad with cool water and no change in temp. Oil looks/smells
fine, so unlikely bad head gasket. Other than closed T stat, any other
91 200tqa
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