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Tue Aug 14 20:03:28 EDT 2007


I'm helping a friend part out his urS6. Its a 1996 Canadian S6 saloon with 
115,000 miles/184,000 kms. He was rear ended and his insurance company is 
totalling the car. I mentioned the klicks because it still has the Km speedo in it 
and that is available along with everything else. It was hit just above the 
rear bumper knocking in the trunk and damaging the 2 rear quuarters. The car has 
all RS2 components except the turbo which is a Garrett T04E and custom SW 
w/Vmap. It also has Gen 4 Stromung, Dave Stone FMIC, Bilstein/H&R suspension, ECS 
camber plates, Centerforce clutch, aluminum FW, Forgie(sp;>) BPV, Apikol SS, 
adj FPR, ECS Stage 3 BBK, 3 spoke steering wheel with all the fittings, and of 
course the tranny and engine with harness. All the componentry has 40,000 
miles on them and the turbo has 25,000. All body parts are available and are in 
very good condition. Discounts will beavailable for multiple purchases. I'll 
have a detailed list on Audifans shortly. Gotta go cook dinner for my working 

Do you have a need for speed??? Let me know.

Hap, wit dakine stuff not from Evahboost, Maguire

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