[s-cars] AC low side recharge adapter

Jerry Scott jerryscott at wispertel.net
Thu Aug 16 21:28:56 EDT 2007

Most of us on this site were looking for a way to adapt the R12 system 
cowl port to a small can refill.  Will this adapter work for R12 in the 
92 to 94 cars?

James C. Mairs wrote:

>Excellent information and great find!!  I just placed the order.
>Thanks for performing a better search than I could figure out!  Much
>appreciated... *stares with an evil eye at the 91deg read out on his dash*
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>>I have broken the code on a/c charging through the low pressure
>>switch port.  This has been a sore
>>point with lots of listers for a long time.  So I decided that I
>>must  "carry a message to Garcia".
>>I didn't have the problems Major Rowan encountered in carrying the
>>President's message to General
>>Garcia.  It was as simple as reading Paul Waterloo's A8 posts on the
>>correct way and poor man's way to
>>recharge the a/c system.  Please read both the posts, as they contain
>>essential information for recharging
>>the a/c system both by the correct factory method and the shortcut.
>>I am not here to encourage you to
>>recharge your system by either method.  Unless you are confident in
>>your ability and knowledge, take it
>>to a professional.  Otherwise, use at your own risk.
>>There are follow on posts that show where Paul Waterloo sourced his
>>I got mine at Midway Auto Supply.  It is a FJC Air Conditioning
>>Products R134a Tank Adapter --Part# 6016.
>>I don't think a group buy can save over $2 unless there are a lot
>>more interested than I know of.
>>And, yes it works.  It is a quick disconnect fitting, so if you are
>>using old screw-on fittings for your refrigerant
>>can or manifold, you will have to get adapters or a new hose set.  I
>>encourage all to use a gage set, but otherwise
>>you are on your own.
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