[s-cars] 470 miles on one tank of gas!

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Wed Aug 22 17:53:49 EDT 2007

Hmm, I put 21 gallons in most of the time when running it all the way down??


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Chris sputtered and Stott guessed:

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I think the 21 gallon spec in the manual is for a front drive 100/A6.
Quattro should have something like an 18.5 gallon tank IIRC.

95 S6A>>>

It's 19.5 gallons.  Sooooooooo, how many here have filled the injector
rail before?  I'd once squeezed like 20.001 into my UrS6, and high 19's
pretty often.  Yeah I know I'm a dolt - so?

-Paul cutting it close and sometimes not making it at all K.

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