[s-cars] Three spoke wheel

bill mahoney airbil at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 23:48:17 EDT 2007

So, my (much much older;) sister Jean sez she's coming to sfest.  d'oh and
why not since she came to sfest I and after a long search for a suitable 92
S car replacement and finding nothing, she has sunk five figures retail into
renewing it.  Car looks and runs like new.  She should get some sort of
"Smartest Idiot" award IME.
That said; I'm hauling out some new clear corners I had been saving for her
in addition to a three spoke wheel that I was going to install in my cabrio
but would be best used in an S car for now me thinks.
Will anyone be at the sfest that could lend some guidance on this install?
I think there is some necessary mod to the turn cancelling necessary??  I
think the upper and lower covers have to be switched also.  I thought I
would just install my own off the avant and chase down replacements later.
I will travel with a good supply of tools and should have that aspect
covered.  What I need is perhaps someone who has done this already.  I have
taken wheels off but not retrofitted.  Unfortunately the wire on the
clockspring I have was cut instead of being unplugged.  Can this be crimped
in?  Is this this more than a 90 minute project?
Bill~first to hit the road~M

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