[s-cars] Another one bites the dust today

McCall, Randy rmccall at nexant.com
Fri Aug 24 19:52:19 EDT 2007

So another sad, yet still uplifting tale from the Audifiles today -
heading to see my winemaker at lunch today and get flat out creamed from
the rear!  I observed that the cromagnon at the wheel of a fairly good
sized commercial delivery truck was catching up to me as I was leisurely
making my way north on Wallace drive here in West Salem OR.  I needed to
turn left on Hopewell road, so I put on a bit o' distance between us,
had to stop to wait for the oncoming car to pass when I noticed
cromagnon van WASN'T F*&^*NG STOPPING! I tried to get on the gas, but
too late - BAMMM!  What a rush - car accelerated like instantly into the
other lane, spun leisurely around (now where exactly was that oncoming
car????) and on into the ditch neatly missing the other SUV head toward
me.... DAMNNNN!  Back of the car was crushed, my dog faired very nicely
thank you very much as she was in the back seat rather than the back of
the avant like normal (she'd probably be mourned right about now
otherwise).  Seat was shoved back to a recline position, but outside of
everthing behind the rear seat, car was perfect - still running, windows
still worked, stereo was still singing softly.

DAMNNNN!  No injuries to me (ok, a bit of stiff neck), my loyal dog, nor
cromagnon man - I didn't bother to talk to him as it could have quickly
escalated to a jail trip for me....
Talk about JNR - 115K 95.5 S6 Avant, still mostly stock with some on the
shelf goodies, more planned, and tight.  DAMMNNN!  Just put $1,500 into
refreshing all the rubber parts under the hood along with T-belt and

So its goodbye sweet thang, gotta move on to summit else.  Wonder what
it will be?  DAMN sure it will be something ready to take a hit like
that.... Wow....thats JNR for ya.  

For all you //SFesters, have a great time and watch out for cromagnon
van....he's out there....

Randy McCall
95.5 S6A 115K - RIP

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