[s-cars] 1993 Audi S4 for sale

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Rich abandon'd ship:

<<<My E36 M3 barely "cut it" in the rain! 


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> Hope you have another car for the snow 'cuz the M3 ain't gonna cut it
:) > Nice car, BTW. 

> --Calvin > 

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> I've just posted my S4 on Audifans >
2321 > &success=true). If you were at S-Fest this past weekend, you know
what > condition it's in. I have the hots for an impeccable E36 M3
someone I know > is selling and I've been smitted with the desire to own
another legendary > model of the "other" marque. If you're looking for
an exceptional car, this > is the one to get. I've spent lots of hours
and money on the car in the > last 5 1/2 years and many late nights
freezing in Paul Krasusky's garage > talking S-cars. I have a list of
EVERYTHING I've done to it and lots of > pictures I can e-mail. > > --
Rich A. > Vernon, CT >>>

Freezing garage - I resemble that remark!  Hey, it's 1/2 way insulated
and rest & sheetrock coming this fall - maybe we'll get > 32 this year?

Rich is looking to sell 2 //S cars in 2 years (and his Couple GT years
back) - THINK...  he'll be Audiless!  Imagine just what you'll do with
all your newfound time Rich!

And whattayamean Dave your E36 ///M3 "barely cut it in the rain" - my
E28 ///M5 was almost more fun in the rain.  Er of course that is if you
consider using your sidewindow as a winshield up wet on ramps - in a
foreverdrift (giddyfun!) as being "more fun"...  or if you like to hone
your hydroplaning skills @ anything 81 and over.  That's as white as
your knuckles can get???  Naa, dare ya to add 2mph.  Heh heh.

Ah, Subaru for winter doody.  Miata / E36 for sunshine.  Someone's
enjoying their empty nest syndrome.  I say carpe diem Rich!

Rich's car, for any who missed the Ronal wheel'd powercoated green /
black shiny machine @ //SFest - every year - is very well sorted.  And
nigh driven!  Rich what'd you put like 10, 12, 15 even miles on it?
Geesh!  8-).  Kinda funny...  Rich and I both bought our green / black
UrS's a week apart from the same seller - and our //SFest2007 host this
year - Brian Werstak (now Coventry Motorcar), as many here have.  The
ones he has are always nice.  Someone check Rich's out if you're looking
for a real clean sorted solid example.

My useless 0.02.


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