[s-cars] funky RF remote

McCall, Randy rmccall at nexant.com
Fri Aug 31 12:23:40 EDT 2007


My recently deceased S-6 did not come with a remote, so I purchased one
at Remote Superstore through ebay.  Cost me less than dealer price, but
not cheap; I think it was around $60.  Worked fine though once I
programmed it.  Just make sure you are getting the key fob for the RF
version and that the photo matches it!


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> Anybody got one FS? My RF remote is acting up. I already 
> replaced the battery and re-synched the remote. The unlock 
> button works intermittently. 
> Once I press it too many times I need to re-synch the remote 
> again. Looked around an didn't see any for sale. I am 
> guessing NLA at the dealership???
> Harold
> Manchester, NH
> 96 S6 

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