[s-cars] 1993 Audi S4 for sale

Steve Marinello smarinello at entouch.net
Fri Aug 31 15:26:51 EDT 2007

A '69 Triumph GT6+ shod with the original Dunlop SP4's (made in the UK 
or Germany, not the Far East) took me to/from Palo Alto/Lake Tahoe for 
numerous ski trips, including a couple in blizzard conditions.  Only one 
of those ended up with the cable chains being used after the only time 
that traction broke, when unintended.  Part of the ability to do that is 
wrapped up in the throttle response; in the linkage and/or programming.  
Therein lies the older and not-so-old Audi's and others that could be 
driven successfully in the snow.  Try that with the hair-trigger 
throttle on the GTI, especially with these RE050A's that can't even 
handle water and cold weather.  The SP4's, by the way, were not 
considered all-season. 

Of course, later versions of the tire, made in Japan, that made it on 
cars like the '84 Celica Liftback my wife had when I met her in Alabama 
got greasy, squirrelly at the slightest hint of rain.  Throw in some 
nice red clay, coming over a hill on a serpentine downhill country 
two-lane and you end up with three endo's, taking out a mailbox and 
ending up upside down, but she walked away from it.  The only glass not 
broken was the drivers' window.  And I'd just said the previous weekend, 
after driving the car in the rain, that I was going to get her a new set 
of tires because they sucked so bad.  When the next week, her sister 
totaled a Camry in wet conditions after I noted that she needed new 
tires, I didn't hesitate when I saw the tires on her mom's Cressida 
while we were checking up on their house when they were out of town.  
Got a good, appropriate set of Bridgestone's in from Tire Rack and had 
them mounted when she got back.  The first day back she called and asked 
what I'd done to her car?!  I told her, "just new tires". She was sure 
I'd modified the engine or something, but it had only been a very well 
executed Italian tune-up on a trip to northern Alabama to visit a 
factory store outlet...and two oil changes, before and after.   That 
Toyota six wasn't really bad once the carbon got blown off.  And the 
handling with the tires was drastically improved.

Where'd all that come from???  ..hell, I've been home sick for three 
days.  Boredom  and memories...

Lee Levitt wrote:
> Well, cars with IRS SUCK in the snow. I learned to drive in RWD 
> Volvos in upstate NY, where a nightly 6" of snow wouldn't even be 
> mentioned by the local weathergirl. She'd have to see 8" or more 
> before she even peeped, but that's another story.
> Anyway, I love driving RWD cars in the snow. I also love driving 
> FWD cars in the snow...my second car was a VW Rabbit and the 
> handbrake, working on the rear wheels, did more steering in snow 
> than the steering wheel. :)
> But if I have to get someplace, give me quattro.
> Oh, and by the way, the snow performance of my wife's '96 A6 got 
> me out of a '99 Range Rover, which was pitiful in 
> comparison....and into my first Audi, an S6 avant.
> Lee
> On Fri Aug 31 09:49:58 PDT 2007, Taka Mizutani 
> <t44tqtro at gmail.com> wrote:
>> You guys crack me up- here I am driving a freaking Miata in the 
>> snow, with
>> all of 4" of ground clearance, short wheelbase, RWD, lightweight- 
>> everything
>> bad for driving in snow, and I don't have issues driving in snow. 
>> The only
>> time I got sideways was while turning and a little too 
>> enthusiastic of a
>> throttle application.
>> You're spoiled driving a quattro- you can't be hamfisted driving 
>> a RWD car
>> in low traction conditions. If you're smooth with steering and 
>> throttle and
>> brake inputs, it's not that much of a big deal.
>> Spinning in the rain while going straight, Dave? WTF? :-)
>> Not for nothing, you guys would probably spin my STi in the snow. 
>> At least
>> Paul would claim he did it on purpose. :-P
>> Taka
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