[s-cars] New S-6 Avant and a minor problem to diagnose

Eric Phillips gcmschemist at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 17:17:34 EDT 2007

> Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 09:59:47 -0700
> From: "McCall, Randy" <rmccall at nexant.com>
> Subject: [s-cars] New S-6 Avant and a minor problem to diagnose
> I picked up a really nice 95.5 S-6 Avant to replace my crashed one
> yesterday; 108K, Pearl over Ecru, IA Stage III, Big Blacks, S6+ Euro
> suspension and Bilsteins.  Nice ride....
> During the test drive alls well (naturally!); drive it home and on
> blasting up the hill I live on, I notice that on WOT or a high degree of
> throttle there is a sudden miss that crops up and disappears after
> backing off the throttle.  I suspect I'm losing a coil under high boost.
> Not sure I want to convert over to the 034 or other similar systems; can
> anyone direct me to a good and least expensive source for stock Beru
> coil packs?  I'll check the other likely suspects this weekend, ie
> chafing of the leads as they come in the head, re-torque the plugs, but
> this issue is one I did not have to deal with on the now deceased car,
> so uncharted waters.

If you're going to buy a 1.8T coil conversion, go with Apikol, or Dave
F.'s nice DIY description in the AW UrS FAQ.  Skip 034's harness.

FAP99 or autohausaz had the cheapest OEM stuff last time I checked.
Be aware you have some electrical work to do if you go that way.  You
may also wish to examine your spark plugs.  That would be the cheapest
solution, just in case one of those guys is going bad.

Good luck, and welcome back to our little club.  :)


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