[s-cars] Overserved mit Audi's

M Pederson mlped at qwest.net
Sat Dec 1 08:49:46 PST 2007

Balloney, it sounds like at LEAST ONE of your cars is JAP  for Steamboat,
MLK Weekend this year, 21-22 January IF you could just hook up with
Justusson et al to arrange for a tow out to Colorado.

BTW, keep your hands off the Alfa ~ I saw it first, and if I can figure out
the lock on the piggy-bank, its mine.  

Cheers, mike

**JAP ~ the lesser know corollary of Kraputsky's "JNR", in other words, Just
About Perfect. 

PS The Gold 3D thing, I think it has more to do with unresolved and
unrequited Romeo 8C lust.   

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Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 10:34:00 -0600
From: "bill mahoney" <airbil at gmail.com>
Subject: [s-cars] Overserved mit Audi's

So, with the pig sidelined, a cabrio with no heat, a mostly heatless
911 tucked away, me; referred to locally as that crazy audigoof, has been
relegated to the 95 quattro sport, faded red paint, one bad Wisconsin radio
station, slipping clutch and all.  It does have blizzaks and the cool
jacquard sport seat interior however.
But I digress.

So I think to myself, "self maybe you should just get a new car that
actually works."  This causes reflection once again on the
ProverbialPostoPackerQuestion (PPPQ)tm of what to get, which I continued to
ponder for a weak or two or three.  Then; voila!
Autoweek arrives and there's my new car right on the cover:  the soon to usa
arrive Alfa 8c Competizione.  Woot!  Oh, wait 250 XL.  D'oh!  "Clean up in
the aisle of common sense."  The car desperately needs a manual shifter but
here's a short video anyhoo


Dreams aside, I have probably considered everything from C4S to Cayenne 6
cyl stick to S5 to the drives itself S8;)  (pardon) I think I'll wait till
Jan. and see if there's any money left.  And... keep on Qsportin' it.
Thanks for listening.
Bill~I am not Beowulf but kinda like gold painted Angelina in 3D~m (which
has nothing to do with anything but I DO have that going for me.)

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