[s-cars] Holiday madness (nac)

bill mahoney airbil at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 20:46:34 PST 2007

Vincent a résolu le problème

> "Seeing in how much trouble you're heading to, I have to offer my help.
> There's a nice, clean, empty spot in my garage just beside the Spider. I
> know it's a bit far but I ensure you I'll make the effort to keep the engine
> warm (or red hot) for the rare occasion you'll come to remember what your
> bike looks like.
> Now, that's a friend or what?"

Alwaze the man with the surfire practical solution.  I don't think
I'll have to go quite that far though as mike platt has already
generously offered a spot next to his ducati.  Great minds think alike
huh?  So, with him being half the distance to your place and all, I
think I'll go with that and maybe we'll have a ducatibeamerbaby by
next summer.

Bill~Souhaitent sur une étoile~m

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