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Tue Dec 4 13:20:49 PST 2007

Again, you reference chassis and specifications Taka, I learned long ago to  
take Paulie-type-JNR rides differently than track rides.  I have no real  clue 
or care as to what the BMW nomenclature is (save an E30M3 having the  goofy 
Pizzo wingy thingy), nor their comparative hardware specifications (Did I  even 
use "I-drive" other than in the obvious context of having the  wheel?).  This 
is all about taking my para-calibrated audi-turbo-butt dyno  and going after 
a machine with un-bridled owner restriction with extreme  prejudice to the 
assigned task.  After my test drive and comments, I  predicted that the 01 M5 
would be better at the track, eeking out that  very high end advantage in all 
aspects.  However, for daily non-coffee/non  helmetted bobbleheading on the 
street, the 335i (er, E92 to *you*) will do much  better, and is probably second to 
the 01 M5(er, the E39 M5) at the  track
As my old Navigator is a track rat with the BMW schools, he confirmed my  
post street JNR assessments of both machines to the T.
Since he owns both, he wanted to hear my thoughts.  That push button  starter 
with no key is the coolest/only gizmo on that 335i I did take notice  of.
Didn't bet beer on this one ahead of time...  Thank god.
Scott J
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You  know, you guys are pretty funny- of course an E92 335i is going to 
handle  better than an E39 M5- still a significant difference in weight, with the 
E39  being nose-heavy as well as having recirc. ball steering as opposed to 
rack  and pinion in the E92. 

Everyone is implementing AWD in several lines  of cars, no surprise that 
people are catching up to Audi.

I like the  E34 in terms of 5 series- still feels pretty "light" driving, not 
like the  heavy-feeling E39. 

930 definitely trumps all. I hate  you.



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