[s-cars] My butt momentarily in a BMW

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Wed Dec 5 15:24:42 PST 2007

This is how the engine bay of an E30 M3 *SHOULD* look:


Correct that if it doesn't look like that it's not going to be a world 
beater ;-). Oh, and BTW yes it's real:

-Cody Forbes
'87 5ktq - Fast.
'87 5ktq QLCC'd plus some
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'86 5k

qshipq at aol.com wrote:
> Ha
> The reason I passed on the E30 at t-giving Taka, cuz I was already
> still well familiar with flogging that car.? I co-drove?his E30 from
> Salt Lake City to Indy a couple months ago when he bought it with 20k
> on it. Plenty of seat time in that car, all the track goodies from
> suspention to roll bar to chip.? I'd take an urq anyday over that
> car, it's a much better grand touring coupe.? Thru the mountains it
> was just plain wheezy, but had a good predictable roll out of the
> back end once we got bak to sea level.? My best JNR story with teh
> E30 was when I took the old RS2 5ktqa to Gingermann a few years ago
> with big reds, rear coil overs 30mm ABT swaybar and 17in tires.? A
> very well built E30 couldn't bring back a 1/2 lap on the wagon in a
> 30minute run.? I still had the kids old french fries in the rear seat
> as the E30 guy inspected my ride.
> An E30 needs more horsepower to overcome the newer cars.? The
> suspension and balance is dead nuts, but it's lack of power doesn't
> put it in the front of the pack anymore, even at the BMW club
> schools.? A better comparo would be back to back with an urq.? Which
> is exactly what I drove back from the airport after he dropped me in
> the parking lot.? Taka, the urq has much more potential in that 80's
> grand touring car market IMO.
> Scott J
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> Too bad Justy didn't drive the E30 M3 back to back with the other
> cars- I'd
> like to hear how the 15-yr. old car compares to the new car and which
> he
> thinks is more fun to drive, on the street and on the track.
> Paul, you're one to talk- the 930 is pure original 911 with a
> sh*tload of
> power put on top- manual brakes, manual steering, no electronic
> nannies for
> anything. That's the f'ing sh*t- they drive so "pure" that is
> something you
> don't find any more.
> F you, I'm jealous. :-)
> Taka
>> <<<Scott, Scott, Scott...  shame on you, fool!  You *will not*
>> convince Taka otherwise.  Besides, remember... he'd rather drive his
>> Miata 8-)(!!!)>>>
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