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Thinking back on one of my first visits to Mr. David Jones back when he had  
his own (first) shop.  One of the toys he was tinkering with was  a new 318is 
coupe with the same Nacelle you picture.  Those  2 extra cylinders should sure 
do it, but I suspect that an AAN equipped urq  would total less investment 
and yield a better return for it.
I like the E30 chassis from a handling standpoint, and a lot of power  in it 
makes it a handful to drive.  Fun yes, but the same percentage  increase in an 
urq is more fun to drive in a much more gentlemanly effortless  grand touring 
coupe kind of way.  Then again with 2.5 of the urq' s myself,  and another 
few thru the stable, shirley I'm biassed.
Taka, urq horder and Porsche collector David Hackl allowed me to drive both  
his Damien Black 79 911T and his bark brown 75 911S at a few tracks in  the 
midwest.  One of my most memorable JNR rides was feeling Lucifer on my  neck as 
I almost wrote the article on LTO in Turn 1 at Road America.   Bringing a 
laggy turbo back up to power was some of the longest seconds of my  life...  One 
of my other most memorable rides was in his 911S at Mid OH,  chasing down some 
heavily modded S cars with a totally stock 25year old  classic.  For LT1Q 
beast-like brutality the 911T challenges the best  drivers.  For urq like grand 
touring effortless style, the 911S is my  favorite of the marque.
Like Paulie, I'll take anything for a ride, just for the stories, laughs  and 
point of reference in the world of dynosaur fossil fueling.  In my 30  some 
years of this quest, I fully admit being one of the luckiest guys on the  
planet in this regard.  From rally school back in 81 with Buffum, Shepard  and 
Woodner as co-diver/teachers, to scrutineering the Buffum and Millen  machines 
before competing myself.  As recently as 03, laughing my butt off  as Pobst drove 
us off Brainerd turn 6 with Beddor's Sport so intent on catching  the 5ktq 
race car I just finished prepping, he almost hit us.
Steamboat stories are a book, Monterey 99, Pikes Peak 97, Main  Forrest 99 
buying Blomqvist a Budweiser as he told SQ stories and  spoke to Torsen boy on 
torsens!   Exciting odo cks with Bob D in the  MTM/SMS 95 Groupe A S2 with 3 
diffs locked solid.
But I always come back to my urq's knowing fully that what we drive now in  
any awd form, owes it's roots to this grand touring coupe.  And, as I drove  
one of these fine machines to almost every Steamboat Event for 14 years (save a  
couple), getting there with cruise control and fine style, really shows the 
dual  purpose of the mistress we call quattro.
Scott J
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Needs  more supercharger.

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This  is how the engine bay of an E30 M3 *SHOULD* look:


Correct  that if it doesn't look like that it's not going to be a world 
beater  ;-). Oh, and BTW yes it's real:

-Cody  Forbes


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