[s-cars] I need software help.

Eric Phillips gcmschemist at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 05:55:30 PST 2007

Gentlemen (and Paulie):

Reading Der List has been a nice chuckle lately.  I always enjoy the
auto/manual tranny discussions.

And, I must say that, back in the day, I really REALLY wanted an UrQ.
I still do, but DAYUM - the prices, the work required to keep one on
the road...

But they are beautiful, in their purposeful-looking way.  In fact,
they sort of, kind of, remind me of the Scirocco's
much-more-grown-up-and manly brother.  Come on, guys - think about

Oh, and Paulie?  the 930?  Fuck you.  :)

On to my software thingy....

I have heard that there is software available to let you search for
stuff for sale on teh intArweb and have said search results compiled
in some readily-useable digest.  Now, this "hearing" was only in
passing, and I didn't pay any attention (well, obviously I paid enough
attention to not get any details, and stuff), so I don't have a clue
what this thing might be called, or where I might locate such a thing,
or even if I'm describing it properly.

OK, now how's THAT for vague?  LOL.

OK, so, anyway, can any of you fine gentlemen (and Paulie) help me out?


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