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I own both an '01 2.7T A6 and an '01 S4.  Both have had 0 problems with the
turbos, etc.  The most expensive repair thus far to either one is a CV boot.
Now both of them have less than 60k miles, so I can't make any comments
about reliability up around 100k or so.

If you are going to get an A6 I have two words for you....Sport Package.
The seats and suspension on the non-sport package A6's, in my opinion, are
abyssmal.  You can obviously do the coil over thing to get the suspension
better but I bet finding a sport interior being parted out would be kind of
hard.  The sport suspension on the A6 is a bit better than the old 200
suspension, but not quite as nice as my '92 S4 - mostly due to the weight.
It might be rated on par with the post-'92 UrS4/6.  The B5 S4, though, has a
nicer suspension stock than my '92.  The '01 S4 is waaaay fun to drive,
especially with some performance mods like a chip, coilovers and a big brake

Just my experiences....


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Grant Lenahan wrote:
> On Dec 9, 2007, at 8:02 AM, Kent McLean wrote:
> > I could go totally insane and search for a cheap A8.
> >
> They (D1/D2 A8s) can be horrors to maintain, and the trannys have
> some, uh, issues.  Of course, my S6 has the same motor and tranny....
> My experience is that C4s are cheaper to keep than B5s, having had
> both. But the B5 handles much better.
> If you want the spiritual successor to your 200, how abotu a c5 2.7t?

I don't know. Twice as many turbos, twice as many hoses to leak. ;)
But, there is one local to me for sale for <$10K.

Anyone want to chime in on the pros and cons of the C5 2.7T? (According
to AudiWorld, that would be the 2000-2001 A6 with 2.7L twin turbo V6.)

Math is hard. Let's go Audi shopping.

Kent McLean
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'94 100 S Avant, "Moody" becoming "Old Faithful"
'91 200 TQA #2, up in smoke 2
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