[s-cars] Something's burning, and I think it's ...

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Sun Dec 9 12:34:54 PST 2007

Sorry to hear about the fire, but very glad nobody got hurt.

A droF spontaneously combusted in the parking lot (seems like a common
occurrence for certain models) at a shop a friend works at two weeks ago.
 He emptied every fire extinguisher in the garage (four 35-50 pounders)
into the fire, they did next to nothing, except make it look like a big
burning powdered doughnut.  Once the fuel rail gets going and the fire
gets behind cover (heater box in this case) it's a job for the
professionals.  The small home size extinguishers are good for carb and
fuel rail fires that occur while someone is monitoring the source when it
happens, once it gets going, call 911 and enjoy the show.  Not against
carrying them at all, to the contrary, they can save your car if it's a
harness fire you get to really quickly, BTDT.  But no one should delude
themselves into thinking these things will handle anything much larger.
Always REMEMBER: metal and plastic is a lot easier to replace than skin. 

Here are a couple pics of the droF, almost all the visible damage
occurred after the extinguishers were emptied, in the 10 -15 minutes it
took the fire dept to show up/set up.  Nothing works better than a few
hundred gallons of H2O.


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 Kent McLean <kentmclean at comcast.net> writes:
> Cody Forbes wrote:
> > to leave it be. Two FL State Troopers were nearby, saw the smoke, 
> and drove 
> > over near me. They got thier extinguishers out, looked at my car 
> and said 
> > "We don't get paid enough for this" and put the extinguishers 
> away. 
> That was my thought when trying to open the hood.  That's why we 
> called
> the FD.  There's a reason they go through hundreds of hours of 
> training.
> Even from 50 feet away, I wondered, "Is this far enough?"  Get 
> everyone
> safely away and, an, enjoy the show. 

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