[s-cars] No start (update)

Vincent Frégeac s.sikss at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 00:34:45 PST 2007

The cam sensor is not expensive (12$) but take some time (5-6 hours) to
install. There may be a faster way to install it since I decided to do my
T-Belt, T-Stat and coolant flush at the same time ;-)

Beside, IIRC, cam sensor usually doesn't pull any code. The only to know if
it's the problem is to replace it...and, of course, in my case, it wasn't :(


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finally happened to where I had to have it towed home (the 92 Ur).  Have
swapped FP relays and no change.  Jumped wire from "+" post to rear terminal
of fuse 17A per Dave F's instruction and could hear fuel in the line at the
rail, although I didn't pull the line and measure the specific volume of
fuel whilst doing so as I was home for lunch and didn't have time to delve
that far into it.  Also, pulled codes (with engine off for obvious reasons)
and got 2111 (obvious since engine was off, hopefully) and 4431 (idle air
control), which I hope is due to me pulling the plug on the ISV while trying
to start it when I was sitting awaiting a tow.  I performed the output
checks per SJM and all seemed to work fine, including the ISV.

I guess it could still be the fuel pump, but that (expensive) cam sensor is
starting to creep back into my mind, even with no code for it.

Wylie Bean
TheRingmeister at triad.rr.com
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91 90q20v sport
92 UrS4
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